Thursday, February 25, 2010

My journey, my process..III

My days with my husband like everyday is honeymoon. We learned to know each other more and more as putting our selves in each other shoes. I am more on expressive and show my inner thoughts through talking and talking. He is a good listener but he said sometimes he spoils me. I always been in his attention aside from things at home that I could remind him to do. It remind me that only God put us in the situation or position to glorify Him. God is glorify through my husband attitude in dealing with me so as my attitude in dealing with my husband. We always said these that God is awesome through him or me. I don't have regrets in my heart that I marry him. I am contented and very much happy. I do believed that marriage is a gift and it is in the bond of Christ. Husband, Christ and Wife Christ should always be the center. If we submit to Christ first it's not hard to submit to one another. It is Christ bond that keeps marriage strong. It is not our own effort, everything will just follow if we have Christ within. I remember Paul remind all singles in Corinth to "not to equally yoke to unbeliever" because he knows the consequences of disobedience. It is good to wait upon the Lord because His best is truly the best for us and its worth waiting for.

My journey, my process.. II

In 2009, first month of the year was our choice for our wedding ceremony. I'd known my husband through a friend of mine she got married 2 years ahead his husband is close relative to my husband family. The very first time she saw my husband, she saw myself in a glance and remember me without any hesitation she talked to him and later gave my picture. His heart was pounding upon seeing my image, there was a small voice with in said, "this is the woman I prepared for you.." He was praying so hard that he could reached me since my friend didn't know where my about. I was there in Saudi working in MOH that time, when my cellphone received so many miss call for 2 weeks. Then one morning duty I received the call then that was the first time we talked, then he sent letters then lately we chat. It took 2years for us to know each other and became friends. He has all the man qualities I desired with. His eyes, his gentleness, his thoughtfulness and above all we have one in common we have Christ. Knowing him was just the right time after the grieve days from my mother's death. Truly, only God make all things beautiful in His time. I appreciated that during his solitaire he spent his time making Poems to express his self. He made 3 poems for me. I would like to share his one poem from our wedding invitation.

"God's Hand of Creation”

I give you my heart as my wife

I live with you to start a new life

We share each other's heart

We prepare for this day to start

These oceans that keep us apart

These emotions that speak to our heart

We meet together on foreign land

While, brought together by God's hand

As we keep our eyes on God's Word

As hearts will reap what is heard

Today with these rings of love we both share

Tomorrow with these brings new love we both declare

As i give myself

I will live for your self

As husband I lay aside my life

As husband I pray beside my wife

Yesterday the two of us begun

Today the two of us are one

Now that we are one

We represent the church and the Son

Yesterday as individuals our life just begun

Today as husband and wife we are one

As we cleave to one another

We will leave all other

As we put these bands on our hands

Together with God's hand we will take a stand

I have this love for my wife

You are the love of my life!