Thursday, February 25, 2010

My journey, my process..III

My days with my husband like everyday is honeymoon. We learned to know each other more and more as putting our selves in each other shoes. I am more on expressive and show my inner thoughts through talking and talking. He is a good listener but he said sometimes he spoils me. I always been in his attention aside from things at home that I could remind him to do. It remind me that only God put us in the situation or position to glorify Him. God is glorify through my husband attitude in dealing with me so as my attitude in dealing with my husband. We always said these that God is awesome through him or me. I don't have regrets in my heart that I marry him. I am contented and very much happy. I do believed that marriage is a gift and it is in the bond of Christ. Husband, Christ and Wife Christ should always be the center. If we submit to Christ first it's not hard to submit to one another. It is Christ bond that keeps marriage strong. It is not our own effort, everything will just follow if we have Christ within. I remember Paul remind all singles in Corinth to "not to equally yoke to unbeliever" because he knows the consequences of disobedience. It is good to wait upon the Lord because His best is truly the best for us and its worth waiting for.

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    Glad to find out about your blog..God bless!